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We are writing to commend to you one of your nurses, Jill.

Discharge planning at the hospital in Evansville recommended skilled care for my uncle; however his wife and the entire family agreed that he should come home.

Jill has provided weekly assessment visits as well as venipuncture, and over these weeks we have watched as Floyd has not only stabilized and maintained his Hb level and vital signs, but has also gained strength and now has a renewed quality of life. Her clinical proficiency is matched by her friendliness, care, and concern.

It was with dismay that we recently learned that Medicare would no longer cover her visits, but even then she made arrangements with the hospital for in-home venipuncture to continue, so our aunt and uncle would not have to struggle with weekly trips out.

So please accept the grateful appreciation of Floyd and his family for the excellent care given by Jill, as well as your excellent physical therapy department. The Lord has answered many prayers through them, and we wanted to ensure that your management was aware of our gratitude. Thank you again.

Dr. and Mrs. Tom and Tania

As my mother approached being discharged from the hospital for pain management and wound care, the medical professionals recommended that she be discharged to an extended care facility where she would receive continued wound care.

Preferred Home Health Care’s wound care program and professionally trained and tenured wound care nurses were able to bridge the gap between the extensive care my mother received while at the hospital.

The high level of needed continued care made it possible for my mother to return to her home and receive the wound care she needed to complete her recovery process.

In all instances, the care provided by the Preferred Home Health Care staff was professional and reliable and administered with the utmost character, integrity and compassion.

As a former professional in the elder health care industry, I would highly recommend Preferred as a provider of choice, without exception.

Mary Ann

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