About Us

Over 31 years of helping Indiana. Preferred Home Health Care utilizes proven objective benchmarks to measure your progress. Preferred is Medicare and Medicaid certified and meets state licensure requirements for home health care. In an effort to ensure the best care possible, Preferred strives to make decisions based upon community, needs and employees. We hire our health care professionals based on Character, Chemistry and Competency. About Preferred Home Health CarePreferred’s caregivers are skilled professionals with many years of service and dedication to nursing and therapy. They adhere to strict codes of performance to provide the finest quality of care to you in your own home. Preferred Home Health Care, with a desire to serve, has attracted a select group of nurses, therapist, home health aides and care givers for the right reasons; we sincerely want to help you maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. The primary mission of Preferred Home Health Care is to be a dedicated provider of quality health care. Our goal is to fulfill the needs of the communities we serve by providing a variety of health care services. Preferred is dedicated to the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. We strive to insure our employees the opportunity for personal growth, job security, and the ability to share in the success of the company. PREFERRED, WHERE HOME HEART AND HEALTH COME TOGETHER!